If it’s online buzz you’re after then we’ve got your fix. We create content that people Like & Share. We are masters at making a brand’s story engaging. Go with GRNMNGO if you want to “Go Viral”. Let’s get the social media world buzzing about you!


Our Radical Facebook Approach

Your Facebook page is probably on life support. (That isn’t a diss. That’s a statistical probability).

Engagement Ratio = ‘talking about this’ / total number of fans

This simple calculation measures the health of your company’s Facebook page. Most business pages have an ER of just 1%. That means even if you have a million fans on your page you’re only effectively communicating to 10’000 of them. To put things in perspective, the average engagement ratio of GRNMNGO managed pages is between 15-25%.

If those are the kind of numbers you’re after then give us a holler. We’re ready to breathe new life into your Facebook marketing efforts.

*On December 2011 our Facebook page started as every other page does. The only people on it were us, some family and a few friends. Now it boasts close to half a million fans and consistently the highest engagement rate of any brand page in the country.